The Beauty of Nature.

Seviant™ Studios has a deep founded passion for nature photography, so its only “natural” (pun intended) for us to present our love of nature with you.  We tend to present our images of nature as though you are physically standing there, at that point, in that space and time.  We place great importance on the aesthetic value of the image.  The reason for this is because our highly sophisticated eyes can see a far greater gamut of color saturation, color vibrancy and a higher dynamic range of exposure than any camera can currently capture.  The images we present to you are a culminating apex of many many images ranging from high exposure, low exposure, highly saturated, black and white, polarized, UV filtered and much more.

Our photographers are always looking for cool spots and awe inspiring views and landscapes to capture for our fans.  We would love to hear from you.  Please let us know your comments, suggestions and recommendations by emailing us using our contact form. We may even ask you to join us on one of our treks to get that perfect shot.

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