Is your Logo THAT Important? (yes)

Is your Logo THAT Important? (yes)

Your logo will appear on practically every piece of promotional material that you have. It should be an accurate representation of your company.  Logo design is a very important part of branding and should be looked at very carefully before you launch your business. Be aware that some malicious designers may use certain aspects of a design to drive the price of your logo, but beware, this is not the case. The design itself is not going to drive up the cost of your logo but rather the actual method of implementation.  What I mean by this is, if you a simple logo, with only 2 colors than the cost of promotional materials, business cards and silk-screened t-shirts will be considerably cheaper than a 5 color logo with intricate patterns.   However, its important to note that other factors such as the font sold by 3rd parties, stock images that must be purchased, and the number of modifications or iterations you decide to use may increase the possibility of more time and effort being utilized for your design, and this may end up costing more than initially expected.  Whether you have something definite in mind or are looking for ideas will determine cost. Remember you are going to use this on all business materials as well as, hats, shirts, banners, etc. You can get a logo design for as little as $149 if you have an exact idea in mind, but often times its quite beneficial to invest in something tried and market tested before deciding to permanently label yourself or your brand with a logo design.  Seviant™ Imagery and Design offers a cost-effective avenue for your logo & imagery design needs.  What makes Seviant™ stand out from the rest of the crowd? For example…..

Exceptional Quality: Don’t just take our word for it. Visit our Logo Design Portfolio and see for yourself. We offer an array of samples so you can see exactly what we can do.

In-house Designers: We have a pool of talented in-house Graphic Designers.

Variety: We have minimum 6-7 designers working on every design project, so that you get ample variety in style and thought to choose from.

Quick Turnaround Time: We will offer you 7 Logo Design concepts to choose within approximately 7 Business Days.

Competitive Price: Compare the value we offer for packages starting at just $149 with other Logo Design companies.

No Hidden Charges: We strive to make you happy with our results,  and Seviant™ Imagery and Design will be with you every step of the way.  You can call us and talk to a real person throughout the entire design process.

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