The Importance of Headshots

The Importance of Headshots


If you’ve been to an audition of any kind, its more than likely you’re all too familiar with the need for a good great headshot. A headshot is just what the name says, a close up shot of your face. Casting directors, producers, writers and directors use your headshot to get a quick look at you to see if you have the right physical attributes for a given role.
Your headshot will usually have two components. An 8×10 close up picture of your face and a copy of your resume (sometimes also referred to as your list of credits). Your picture can either be color or black and white, but considering how cheap color photos are to reproduce nowadays, consider going this route.

Seviant Imagery & Design™ is a highly specialized fashion and glamour Photography and Design Studio based in Los Angeles, CA. We have a great team of hair and makeup artists to deliver the top quality images our clients seek. From the moment we begin to wrapping up in post production our designers produce magazine & publication quality images with eye-catching results. With our hard work, dedication and a true passion for what we do, Seviant™ can deliver the professional results that a model would seek when developing their portfolio’s. We have had the privilege of working with clients across the US, from New York, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington DC & our hometown of LA.

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