Immunological Reviews – Figure 3

Fig. 3 – Regulation of T cell activation thresholds by the galectin-glycoprotein lattice

Galectin binding to N-glycans attached to the TCR complex (which is depicted as a single ribbon) restricts clustering of TCR at the immune synapse in response to agonist (LEFT). Peptide-MHC overcomes galectin-TCR interactions to induce clustering, F-actin transfer to the immune synapse and signaling. Concurrently, galectin targets CD45 to the immune synapse, suppressing Lck activation and TCR signaling. Differential partitioning of TCR/CD4-Lck versus CD45 in the early immune synapse is in part predetermined by galectin-glycoprotein lattice control of GEM structure prior to encounter with TCR ligand.

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