Immunological Reviews – Figure 2

Fig. 2 – Regulation of basal TCR signaling by the galectin-glycoprotein lattice.

Galectin binding to N-glycans attached to the TCR complex (which is depicted as a single ribbon) inhibits basal signaling via Lck by actively blocking spontaneous TCR oligomerization and subsequent recruitment of CD4-Lck, Nck, WASp, and SLP-76 to TCR, F-actin reorganization and transfer of the complex to GM1 enriched membrane microdomains (GEMs) (LEFT). Concurrently, galectin binding to N-glycans attached to the tyrosine phosphatase CD45 counteracts F-actin, maintaining CD45 in GEMs, dephosphorylating Tyr394 and inactivating Lck (RIGHT). CD45 is tethered to F-actin via the ankyrin-spectrin scaffold.

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